General English for Competitive Exams

General English is one of the most scoring sections of all competitive exams if you do them well. They are designed to understand your proficiency and understanding of English. Moreover, if you are able to answer Grammar questions correctly and quickly, you have more time to focus on other sections of your competitive and government job examinations. Here are the major topics that are usually covered under the section of English for entrance/recruitment exams.

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Competitive English Practice MCQ Question & Answer

VocabularySynonyms and Antonyms
Cloze Test
Idioms And Phrases
One Word Substitutions
GrammarActive And Passive Voice
Reported Speech 

List of Prepositions
Sentence Correction Question
Spotting the Error

Multiple Meaning
Reading ComprehensionSentence Rearrangement & Para jumbles
Paragraph Completion
ComprehensionReading Comprehension
DescriptiveEssay Writing
Letter Writing
Precis Writing

English Practice Set 1

1. The banyan tree has fallen _____ the road.
2 .Do not cry the ____ spolit milk.
Ans : [b] over
3. Sachin and Rama regularly subscribe ______ the employment news.
Ans : [a] To
4. All of us should abide _______ the laws or our country.
Ans : [a] By
5. Pratima is very much worried _______ her mother’s health.
Ans : [c] about
6. Everyone in this universe is accountable____ his actions.
7. The gifts were divided equally ______ the orphans.
8.  I have been ill _____ monday last.
9. He was ashamed ____ his mistake.
10.  I am thankful ______ your co-operation.
11. All ______ glitters is not gold.
12. The company managed to stave off bankruptcy for another few months. What is the meaning of the idiom’ STAVE OFF’?
13. Most of my children take after my husband. What is the meaning of the idiom “TAKE AFTER’ ?
14. Which word is correctly spelt?
15.  Synonym or similar word for ‘ JUVENILE’? .
16. Antonym for the word ‘ CAPITULATE’?
17. Spot the error – If you have faith in Almighty (A) / everything will turn out (B)/ to be all right(C)/ no error (D) .
18. Spot the error – No stronger (A)/ a figure than his(B)/is prescribed in the history (C)/No error(D)
19. A person who searches for and collects discarded items is called-
20. I am well versed ____ English.
21. One who eats human flesh –
22. Spot the error Not only she went to Kashmir (A) / but also stayed there (B) / for a month (C) / no error(D)
23. The best way to the children’s poor test grades is to teach again the lesson and give a second test. –
24. A soldier or sailor, who rebels or refuses to obey the orders of a person in authority -is called?
25. Improve the bracketed part of the sentence – Many such mishaps can be avoided if we (are) careful.

English Grammar Practice Questions 

Q.1 When the Principal entered the class, a student………. on the blackboard.

(a) Wrote

(b) was writing

(c) writes

(d) is writing

Q.2 She………TV when her husband came.

(a) watch

(b) was watching

(c) is watching

(d) WA

Q.3 In each of the following questions, find the correctly spelled word.
1. Reannaisance
2. Renaissance
3. Rennaissance
4. Renaisance

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Q.4 1. Recommandation

2. Recommendation

3. Recomandation

4. Recomendation

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Q.5 : Select Correct Word

A. Aceleration

B. Aceeleration

C. Accelaration

D. Acceleration

Q.6 : Select Correct Word

A. Agressive

B. Agrressive

C. Aggressive

D. Aggresive

Ans .  C

Q.7 Jawaharlal spent his childhood ______ Anand Bhawan.

(A) at

(B) in

(C) on

(D) across

Q.8 The boy was cured _____ typhoid.

(A) from

(B) of

(C) for

(D) through

Q.9 Voracious…..

(A) tenacious

(B) truthful

(C) spacious

(D) ravenous

Q.10 Abortive…..

(A) fruitful

(B) familiar

(C) unsuccessful

(D) consuming

Q11. Suguganya got —— as an officer in the State bank of India.

A. appoint

B. appointed

C. appoints

D. appointee

Q.12. They listened to him —–
A. spellbinded
B. spellbind
C. spellbinding
D. spellbou

Ans .   D

Q.13 Basis
A. bassis
B. bases
C. basises
D. basium

Q.14 Flower
A. flowes
B. flowers
C. floweris
D. floweries

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